Mokadem – Mokadem EP

Mokadem EP fish


If you’re looking for some EDM-techno-ambient-rock-calypso, look no further! Mokadem has just released their self-titled EP, filled with four tracks that will take you on the journey of a lifetime. The EP fades in with the Pretty Lights-esque “Pretend Ur Mine,” which nearly overwhelms with it’s genre-blending skills. “Pretend Ur Mine” takes listeners back with a 90’s techno feel mixed with light, airy vocals and floating synths. “Anaesthesia” is next, and goes in a  near-dubstep direction with a slight drop and repeated, layered vocals.  The beat is perfect for anywhere from a crowded club to a serene spa, and will have you dancing in no time. Following “Anaesthesia” is the chaotic “You & Her,” which is the only real low-point on the EP. “You & Her” comes off as scattered and disorganized, and does not to the vocals any justice with a truly unfortunate amount of unnecessary autotune. The disarray luckily does not last long, though, and the EP’s final track, “Dunt U” comes off as polished, minimalist techno masterpiece that is simply begging for a remix. Keep an ear out for Mokadem in the future, the sound is undeniably gorgeous!

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