Dead Waves – Take Me Away EP

Dead Waves Take Me Away EP

Are you feeling particularly aggressive today? Are you fed up with people and the world in general? Great news! So are Dead Waves, the delightfully screamy NYC-based trio, and they’ve just released their new “Take Me Away” EP on Bandcamp! “Take Me Away” opens with “Planet of Tribes,” a rabble-rousing track that makes you feel like you’re getting stomped on in the middle of a mosh pit, before settling down for “Over Me,” that has a gritty, grungy feel.  “Over Me” would make Kurt Cobain proud, crunchy guitars nearly overpowering downer lyrics.  Following “Over Me” is “Instead,” a Melvins-inspired tune with distorted guitars reminiscent of early Riot Grrrl tracks, ala “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill. “Anomaly” and “Which Way” both scream Dead Kennedys, and will leave you reeling and out of breath. Lastly, “Big Fish” alternates between roaring guitars that enhance it’s aggressive chorus and soft verses for the thinker in  you. Overall, Dead Waves succeed in bringing back the glory days of grunge, and are well on their way to being stars. You can download the full EP here.

Track Listing:

  1. Planet of Tribes
  2. Over Me
  3. Instead
  4. Anomaly
  5. Which Way
  6. Big Fish

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