Top Ten: Mellow Monday – A JamSpreader Original Playlist

Mellow Monday Playlist Top Ten

It’s a fact of life: Mondays are the worst. So instead of fighting off the exhaustion like every other day, we here at JamSpreader have chosen to embrace it and come up with a playlist of the top ten mellow Monday jams. These songs will have your stress going from unbearable to nonexistent in minutes, so take a chill pill and listen up…

1.  “Warwick Avenue” – Duffy

2. “Joanna” – Jon Allen

3. “Ancient Walls Of Flowers” – Marcy Playground

4. “Glory And Gore” – Lorde

5. “Stronger Than Me” – Amy Winehouse

6. “Mount Karma” – Dovetail

7. “Cat In A Box” – Morningwood

8. “Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me?” – The White Stripes

9. “Cheryl Tweedy” – Lily Allen

10. “Castles Made Of Sand” – Jimi Hendrix

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