The Naked And Famous – In Rolling Waves

The Naked And Famous In Rolling Waves

New Zealand alt-rock quintet The Naked and Famous have just released their 5th studio album, “In Rolling Waves” via Fiction Records.  “In Rolling Waves” shows a more mature side to the usually-poppy band, with steadily throbbing synthesizers and chugging guitars only enhancing the already stellar band’s repertoire. The album starts off with a bang – the first three tracks are easily some of the best on the record, beginning with “A Stillness” that showcases Alisa Xayalith’s pixie-like vocals before soaring into “Hearts Like Ours.” “Hearts Like Ours” is a fantastic mixture of power-pop synth use and metal-inspired guitar riffs, making for one hell of a genre-bending song. Next up is “Waltz,” is a more minimalistic track with whispering vocals blended to pure perfection.

Songs like “I Kill Giants,” “We Are Leaving,” and the title track, “Rolling Waves” have an obvious hard rock feel to them, while tunes like “Grow Old” and “What We Want” stick to their tried-and-true electro-alternative-folk vibe, effectively managing to connect with listeners of all genres. While this record may take a little bit of getting used to from older fans, it is a stunning display of a band successfully venturing out into unknown territories with grace. “In Rolling Waves” is out today worldwide.

Track Listing:

  1. A Stillness
  2. Hearts Like Ours
  3. Waltz
  4. Rolling Waves
  5. The Mess
  6. Grow Old
  7. Golden Girl
  8. I Kill Giants
  9. What We Want
  10. We Are Leaving
  11. To Move With Purpose
  12. A Small Reunion

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