Watch: Waxahatchee Embraces Warm Weather for ‘Coast to Coast’ Video

waxahatchee, coast to coast, alabama
Katie Crutchfield, a.k.a. Waxahatchee, embraced a brighter, heartier sound for her second album, Cerulean Salt, and is now embracing the sunny weather for her “Coast to Coast” music video.  It’s also a nice chance for us to embrace her adorable newly dyed blonde haircut.

The video, which was directed by Ryan Russell, features Crutchfield and her friends (including her twin sister, Allison, of the band Swearin’) at Waxahatchee Creek in Alabama (aaand now you know from where she picked up that crazy name).  Crutchfield plays her acoustic guitar for the camera on the dock between shots of the group jumping into the water, and out, thanks to post-production effects.  They laugh and squint in the sun, and it gives us that craving for the perfect weekend getaway at a lakeside cabin that teens always seem to have on television.  Even the dog is having his fair share of summer fun.

Waxahatchee is currently preparing to tour with indie “heartthrobs” Tegan and Sara in the U.K.  Don’t miss out!  And take a listen to Cerulean Salt if you haven’t yet!

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