Papermoons – No Love

Papermoons No Love

The philosophy of Deep Elm Records‘ band, “Papermoons” has always been “less is more.” This philosophy is obviously followed on Papermoons new album, “No Love,” which the Austin-based duo is releasing tomorrow. A delightful mixture of indie rock, folk, and pop, “No Love” easily measures up to their stunning debut, “New Tales,” (released in 2009,) with its mellow but insistent harmonies and hypnotic instrumentals.  Papermoons have a distinctly crisp sound that is eerily reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel with a modern twist.  Matt Clark explained:

“Since the release of our debut New Tales back in 2009, Daniel and I went through some pretty big life changes: marriage, moving, finishing school. The songs on No Love were inspired by the personal growth we experienced due to all these changes. Playing music together has always been special to us. We wanted to write these songs to sort of break the silence of the past several years. We feel the album is a focused, fresh start for the next stage of Papermoons. ‘No Love’ is a tongue in cheek moniker for an album of often serious content. The songs explore the duality of our emotions, how we experience love, and how our perception of these emotions changes over time. The cover features a photograph that Daniel took at Muir Beach overlook in California because we feel it is at once beautiful and lonely. It represents the duality of our emotions…a topic explored throughout the album. It’s been a cathartic experience to finish No Love and we are both very proud of the end result. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it”

Daniel Hawkins adds:

“We draw a lot from the concept of making more out of less. We try to create songs that are easy, innocent and pleasant to listen to but that also contain subtle complexities that make listening more interesting and enjoyable. We strive to make music that can both cheer someone up and also console. We’ve both been involved with playing music for many years now and what has been continually inspiring to us is the way in which music connects people. And of course, the personal satisfaction of creating music is second to none.”

The band has definitely managed to share their “personal satisfaction” with the masses, especially with tracks like “Pining” and “Lungs,” which provide some of the richest lyrical content of the entire record. When it comes to backing instrumentals, the song “Ghost” is the way to go, with the track surprising listeners with its unusually fast tempo and aggressive guitar part.

Overall, “No Love” is a solid indie rock/folk album with a whole lot of heart and soul. Combine that with the obvious talent that the members of Papermoons naturally possess, and you have yourself one hell of an album. “No Love” is out tomorrow worldwide!

Track Listing:

  1. Arms Length
  2. Matchbook
  3. Ghost
  4. Goodnight Son
  5. Oh My God
  6. Heart / Brain
  7. Cold Dark Moon
  8. Deep Blue
  9. Pining
  10. Lungs

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