The Beatles Journey To The Past

The Beatles

The Beatles have swept the world by storm ever since they first entered the scene in 1960’s. Their music has influenced the masses, as soon as arrived they left a mark on the music industry that has been reflected numerous of times in other musician’s collaborations and styles.  Ringo Starr who is one of the last two remaining Beatles has now opened up a part of the past so fans can see never before photographs of these young British boy bands.

On June 12th Apple will release on e-book this book will correspond with the Grammy Museum exhibit entitled “Ringo: Peace & Love.”  This limited edition book will travel back in time, opening up memories of Ringo Starr’s childhood and the traveling days of The Beatles in a whole new light. The “fab four” will be shown through pictures on a step-by-step journey that would forever change their life and make them the household names for generations to come.  Ringo stated:

“These are the shots that no one else could have.”    

Now, years later, we finally get to embrace the behind look of the band that changed a nation. “Peace & Love” will send us on a plane to the past with Ringo as our commentary-giving pilot, giving fans the ride of a lifetime. Can’t wait!

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