Review: Bastille – Bad Blood

bastille - bad blood

With the success of “Pompeii” (a track they will be known best for), UK based rock band released their highly anticipated debut full length album entitled Bad Blood. Like it’s cover art, Bad Blood has a cinematic feel to it. Explosive drum beats and soaring vocals combined with a layered synth and bass create instantly catchy tunes. Songs like “These Streets” is an example of all these elements of Bastille coming to work, with it’s harmonizing vocals and tribal drum beats flowing against a electronic backdrop. At times, Bad Blood incorporates orchestrated elements as well. Tracks like “Oblivion” bring in strings and piano to further the bands epic, cinematic vibe. Overall, a solid effort from an up and coming band, which everyone should be on the look out for in the future. No planned American tour dates (Bad Blood has not been released into the US just yet either), but you could bet they will make their way over here soon (hopefully sooner).

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