Skillet – Rise


After a four year break Skillet is back with a new album in the appropriate titled “Rise”. Skillet has been releasing music since 1996 but just recent have they began to gain major success in the US with their last album “Awake and Alive” becoming platinum. They’ve had minor changes in their lineup but rest assured the lead singers husband and wife John Cooper and Korey Cooper are still leading the band. Skillet looks to build on this success with the release in their new album and although it will be successful it may not reach the same success as they’re last album.

The four singles released “Sick of It”, “American Noise”, “Not Gonna Die” and “Rise” in support of the album mainly show what this album offers since they are the top songs on the album. Being a Christian rock band they do a pretty good job balancing religion type music and non-religion type music. It’s a solid album that may be one of their best releases yet. The unique female and male lead singer dynamic really works well for here as it is different from many other bands out today.

The first single “Sick Of It” is by far the best this album has to offer as it is different from anything else Skillet has released. It’s a catchy song that many can relate to. The adding of a bit of electronic sounds to it was a bit unnecessary but not something to complain too much about

The title track “Rise” is for those die-hard fans that have been there since the beginning as it is exactly the sound Skillet has been known for. It’s an empowering track that I’m sure many of Skillet’s fans will eat up. “Not Gonna Die” is also the same sound Skillet has been known for with the violins and all. I’m not a huge fan of this song but it is a solid track nonetheless. The last single “American Noise” slows things down from the usual but still keeping their same sound.

Overall it is a slightly above average album with a few standout tracks. Skillet fans have waited four years for the release of new music from the band and fans should be thrilled with this album because not only are they giving them exactly what they want to hear but they are also branching out to different sounds and it’s working for them .

Check Out “Sick Of It” by Skillet:

Here’s the full album as well:


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