Wallpaper. – Ricky Reed Is Real


Wallpaper. first began to get recognized a couple years ago with their song “FUCKING BEST SONG EVER” from their EP getting plays on MTV and getting noticed worldwide. Here Wallpaper. have their first full album since then as well as their first album off a major label. Their album “Ricky Reed Is Real” was released on July 23rd. They continue their unique sound and blending of different genres such as Electronic, HipHop and Pop.

Their first single “Good 4 It” is by far the best track off the album as it is definitely catchy and has all the sounds you would expect from Wallpaper. along with being completely different from what’s on the radio. This album is mainly a party record which isn’t a bad thing because Wallpaper.’s humorous lyrics along with genre-bending sounds really do party music justice. I mean they have a song called “Puke My Brains Out” as well as a song called “WHO RLY CRS” with the lyric ‘Who really cares that we drink too much”. Those two along with “The Underdog” are the top tracks off the album and definitely deserve a listen. “Puke My Brains Out” although sounds somewhat stupid lyrically has a great sound that again has the genre bending sound of mixing hip hop and electronic.

Overall this album is not one to be taken too seriously as it is just a fun release and just shows Wallpaper. is looking to have a good time. It really is different from anything being released today and I really enjoyed it although lyrically there is nothing substantial, it is a fun release and you can tell the guys of Wallpaper. are having just as much fun as listeners. This album is practically a college students fantasy and life as I’m sure many could relate to. If you are looking for a classic and serious album this isn’t for you but if you’re looking for a fun, humorous party album then this may just be for you.

Check out the music video for “Good 4 It”

Check out the funny track “Puke My Brains Out”

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