Cher Turns 67, Celebrates By Announcing New Music!

Cher Announces New Single

The one and only Cher, AKA The Queen of Everything, just turned 67 (yes, really,) and has officially announced the release date of her new single AND her 25th studio album! Quick, practice your hair flips!

Jack McFarland Cher Gif

My darling Jack McFarland has it down pat.

The apparent creator of the fountain of youth confirmed the new music via her official twitter page, saying:

Cher Announces New Music Via Twitter

Also featured on Cher’s new album will be collaborations withe superstars such as Pink, Timbaland, and Lady Gaga, who calls the partnership “the greatest thing.”  The new album will also feature the much-anticipated collaboration with Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, which Cher has said:

“Got to down & Finish last song ! Then it DONE !! Jakes here putting some parts down & a Harmony ! Must chech it out ! Later lovelies”

She continued:

“Played Jason(Jake shears)my cd before he sang on track.He said”it’s fkng amazing!”Gotta LOVE THAT! He SOUNDS SO COOL on Song,He’s Adorable!”

Can’t wait for the new album to drop, I’m sure it’s going to be just as amazing as ever! Happy belated birthday, Cher, you look INCREDIBLE, and always remember:

Cher Gif

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