Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to Perform at 2013 MTV Movie Awards

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What a great year for movies!  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis join Selena Gomez on the list of performers for the 2013 MTV Movie awards!  Wait…do these performances really have anything to do with movies?  Well, it’s not like MTV (formerly Music Television) has much to do with music anymore, so no one should be surprised by the lack of relevance.  But that doesn’t mean the network can’t put on a fun show!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be performing their new single, “Can’t Hold Us” at the awards show, which airs Sunday, April 14 at 9pm EST.  There is no confirmation of the two performing their smash hit, “Thrift Shop,” but we’re assuming they know better than to leave it out completely, unless they want countless over-sized flannel and grandpa sweater-wearing hipsters doing something rash…like complaining on the internet!

The cast of Pitch Perfect is also slated to perform, so MTV isn’t completely off topic.  The lovable Rebel Wilson will host and perform with her fellow cast members, so it’s looking like the show should be a good time, regardless of what terrible movies win the golden popcorn.

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