Justin Bieber Announces New Single – ‘Heartbreaker’

justin bieber, heartbreaker
First he wanted to be our “boyfriend,” and now he’s a “heartbreaker?”  Or is he the one with the broken heart?  It’s hard to say, considering the constant rumors and confusion about Justin Bieber’s recent love life.  Regardless, the Biebs has a new single on the way, and Beliebers will more than likely latch onto “Heartbreaker” no matter what its lyrical content is.

Bieber has been teasing the new single on his Instagram the past few days with this image:

Justin Bieber, Heartbreaker, cover art
His captions have excited fans, with phrases like “coming soon” and “tell a friend to tell a friend.”  They’ve also made some people roll their eyes (read: me) with their bad grammar: “Don’t tell me your my….”  At least we can assume that one is an excerpt of the song’s lyrics.

Justin Bieber, heartbreaker, pop

A little bit.

Beibs finally hashtagged an image with #Justinbiebernewsingle, confirming what we all assumed was true.  Could this be the summer anthem of 2013?  It could stand a chance, assuming Amanda Bynes doesn’t release her first rap single earlier than expected.

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