Marina and the Diamonds Release Dreamy New Video

Marina and the Diamonds Wallpaper

Great news, “Bubblegum Bitches!” Marina and the Diamonds have just released a stunning new video for their single, “The State Of Dreaming.”  The “Primadonna Girl” herself stars in this ethereal piece of music video beauty, serenading viewers in a scarlet dress and, quite frankly,  looking eerily similar to Satine in “Moulin Rouge.” The poetic lyrics reveal Marina’s desire to live in a “make-believe land,” where the fear of judgement is nonexistent and where people are not forced to struggle with constant insecurities.

“All I really want is to be wonderful/ People in this town they, they can be so cruel/ I live my life inside a dream/ only waking when I sleep/ If I could sell my sorry soul, I would have it all.”

The mid-tempo track is perfectly paired with Marina’s haunting voice and is promised to give you a deep, trance-like experience that is rarely seen in modern pop music.  You can check out the incredible track below!

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