Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This

Backstreet Boys

One of the biggest selling boy bands ever, Backstreet Boys return with their eighth studio album “In A World Like This” set to be released on July 30th. After 20 years together this boy band is looking to make sound changes to better fit the mold of today’s pop music and this album looks to be a step in the right direction. Now that all five members are back on track along with working with big time producers such as Max Martin, this could be their shot. Their first single “In A World Like This” is a catchy pop number but it is just a decent track altogether as there is nothing all too memorable. It is a positive track with good lyrics and a catchy hook but to me it’s just not a huge song that can cause major damage in sales and the charts. They are also in the midst of a worldwide tour that goes through October.

Overall the new album “In A World Like This” looks to be a solid step in the right direction if the first single is any indication of the rest of the album. The Backstreet Boys have come out and said they are looking to change their sound and if the rest of the album sounds like the first single, fans are in for a solid album. The only complaint I would have is the first single is just a decent track nothing eye opening something that a first single should not be. There could be better tracks on the album but we will have to wait and see on July 30th.

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