Hanson Reveals Beer, “MMMHops,” at Hangover 3 Premiere

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HANSON HAS A BEER. And you know what it’s called?


Oh-ho-ho...I see what you did there.

Oh-ho-ho…I see what you did there.

Indeed, your eyes are not deceiving you – the band who is responsible for the classic song, “MMMBop,” are all grown up (and lookin’ DAMN fine,) and want to get you wastey-pants with their new IPA, released at “The Hangover 3″ premiere.



The beer was announced via Hanson’s official twitter page, with the simple but meaningful message:

Hanson MMMHops

“MMMHops” was brewed at Mustang Brewing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the home state of Hanson, and is set for worldwide release on June 30th.  I will be eagerly awaiting its arrival, and when it is finally available? Well…

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