Review: Editors – The Weight of Your Love

editors - the weight of your love

Earlier this summer, the Britain-based Editors released their fourth studio album, The Weight of Your Love. The departure of lead guitarist, Chris Urbanowicz, meant a shift in sound, and the end result is more atmospheric, new-wave romanticism and less synth-heavy electronic. This works especially well on a number of the album’s ballads, such as “What Is This Thing Called Love” and angsty “Honesty”, shifting into the melancholic “Formaldehyde”.

The Weight of Your Love is definitely a step in a different direction for Editors, but it’s also a sign of musical artistic maturity as they develop a sound that is very much their own, instead of being lumped into a group of similar bands. While Tom Smith’s distinct, dark vocals carry the emotional power of the album, some fans may still be put off by the decrease in edge the The Weight of Your Love has to offer. But still, the Editors have produced a genuine album that contains musical depth and a nod towards some new ideas that may or may not stick with them in the future.

Track Listing:

1.The Weight


3.A Ton Of Love

4.What Is This Thing Called Love





9.Two Hearted Spider

10.The Phone Book

11.Bird Of Prey

Bonus Tracks: The Sting, Comrade Spill My Blood

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