Natalia Kills – Trouble

Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills looks to breakthrough with her new album “Trouble” set to be released on September 3rd. Being associated to the likes of and LMFAO in the past has given Kills an edge but she has yet to capitalize and come out with a big hit. Natalia Kills debut album “Perfectionist” featured good tracks and had minor success but weren’t as successful as many had hoped.

Her first single “Problem” is a big track that has a huge guitar riff all over it. It is a dance track with rock influences with many sounds added to it such as sirens and clapping. This song is perfect for commercial spots and TV spots and already has gotten exposure from being on the Shoedazzle commercials. It’s a good song but so far hasn’t done too well.

Her second single “Saturday Night” slows things down a bit in a midtempo track with big drums. This so far is my favorite track off the album mainly because Natalia Kills has mostly released big dance tracks and here she changes things up and it works out great. It is a pretty good song but again hasn’t amounted to anything.

Overall Natalia Kills so far seems to be struggling to get that one song that finally pops. She has good songs but not one that is so incredible that it blows up. Kills seems to have most of the tools needed to make it, I just think she needs that one special song that will put her over the top and make a big splash on the radio. Other than that so far “Trouble” looks to be a good release with some decent tracks already leaking. She’s going to need a big song to make up for her first few singles struggling but at the end of the day this album should be a good listen.

Natalia Kills’ music video for “Problem”

Her music video for “Saturday Night”

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