Directioners Threaten to Kill Liam Payne’s New Puppy

liam payne, one direction
Members of the One Direction fanbase, otherwise known as Directioners, have gone a little Twitter crazy before with threats to the boy band’s girlfriends, but now they have taken it to a whole new level that’s not only messed up, but straight-up weird.

Liam Payne and his girlfriend brought home a new puppy over the weekend, an adorable little fluffball named Loki.  The couple was extremely excited about the new addition, but soon after the 1D fandom got wind of the news, #dieloki was trending on Twitter.  “WHY?” you may be angrily yelling at the computer screen.  I DON’T KNOW, but it is seriously disturbing.

So, what is there to really be mad about?  The dog might be bringing the singer and his girlfriend closer together?  Or are some Directioners actually concerned that their beloved Liam Payne might be into bestiality?  If that’s the case, the angry tweeters are possibly focusing on the wrong issue here.  Personally, I think that Payne just wanted a dog because people like dogs and that’s that.  Not so sure why fans are trying to prevent their dream man’s happiness (AND, YOU KNOW, KILL A PUPPY).

Thankfully, it appears that most fans are now tweeting in support of Loki’s life, disgusted with the doggy death threats.  It really is possible to be a die-hard boy band fanatic without murdering baby animals, I promise.

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