John Mayer – Paradise Valley

John Mayer

John Mayer returns with his sixth studio album titled “Paradise Valley” set to be released on August 20th. Mayer is known for his sweet calming laidback sound and here he returns with just that. You would think that it would be tiring after five albums with the same sounding music but John Mayer knows exactly the kind of music his fans like which is why he continues to release the same kind of music. It really isn’t all that bad since no one else releases music with charming lyrics and sweet sounds like he does. So far “Paradise Valley” looks to continue Mayer’s platinum selling success as he has had multiple times in the past.

The first single released in support of the album was “Paper Dolls” with was a catchy swoon song which many have said could be about his ex girlfriend Taylor Swift. Other than that it really is a great song that shows why John Mayer is still at the top of his game six albums later. Lyrically this song is top notch along with the guitar and light drums make this a classic John Mayer song. Another song off the album “Wildfire” is a bit more upbeat and has a clapping sound with many old school influences. It is a summer country sounding song that shows him branching out just enough to sound different but also not leave his sound completely.

So far this albums looks to be another great release from John Mayer. No one releases music similar to him today and that’s what so great about it that Mayer pretty much has his own sound and genre. Although “Paper Dolls” hasn’t been doing well when it comes to sales, this album still looks to be great and definetly worth checking out.

Check out the lyric video for “Paper Dolls”

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