Steel Panther New Album Video Update!

Steel Panther Album Update Satchel Michael Starr Stix Zadinia Lexxi Foxx

Well Happy Friday to us indeed! Heavy metal comedy kings, Steel Panther, have just released an in-studio update on their newest album!  The video shows frontman Michael Starr explaining how the new sure-to-be incredible album is coming along, and when we can expect more Panther, all with guitarist Satchel behind the camera.  They also introduce us to their producer Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Stone Sour) and give us their opinions on their follow-up project and tour to their last release, “Balls Out.”  Panther recently announced a slew of US show dates, hilariously titled, “The S.T.D. (Spread The Disease) Tour 2013.”  You can check out the awesome behind-the-scenes look in the studio below!

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