Interview: The Cold Start

The Cold Start Black And White

There’s nothing better than finding a band of best friends that truly enjoy making music for the right reasons. The Cold Start is just that – straight up good rock ‘n’ roll made by a group of pals who are thrilled to spread around their tunes. JamSpreader had the opportunity to speak with the besties about  how they met, their influences, and more!

Describe your sound in three words.

Three words? Let’s go with – honest, thoughtful, passionate.

How did you get your start?

We were fortunate enough to have met each other and become friends nearly ten years ago through music, playing with each others bands over time, then eventually finding ourselves in one together. It was punk rock that introduced us to a DIY ethic. We played house shows, and made the most out of every possible situation, from recording and playing live to our social existence and a thousand other things through growing up together.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Well, we find inspiration through many artists and genres. As I said, we all came from punk rock, grew up a bit and found ever expanding avenues to indie, rock and pop and then some. We’re influenced by hard working artists who write music that has an instant connection with our ears.

Do you have a set songwriting process?

We write together when one of us, or all of us are inspired. We try not to put any pressure on ourselves to force creativity. We have tried that in the past and it’s completely non conducive and usually ends up being very frustrating. As of late, our songs have found life with an origin of a simple guitar melody. From there we form structure, rhythm and finally vocal melodies. When something comes naturally, we all smile, when something isn’t working, we move on..

What message are you trying to send with your music?

It might seem strange, but honestly, there is no intentional message. If people identify with the lyrics and music, then that is all we could hope to achieve, and a connection has been made. I like to think all of our songs eventually convey positivity in their resolution, but the themes are personal, and essentially all stories. Sometimes like reading a book. Any message I guess goes hand in hand with peoples own thoughts on what its all about. Thats the fun part for me, finding out what people think they mean.

If you could your with anyone – dead or alive, who would it be and why?

DAN: Late 80’s/ early 90’s era guns and roses because you know you’re going to have a next level good time…

TAYLOR: Motley Crüe, because of the sheer hell and madness i’d get to see. You read the books, you know the stories, seeing it in person would probably be insane.

ADAM: Them Crooked Vultures, because i’d get to work with Dave Grohl, members of QOTSA and Led Zeppelin. I think thats reason enough..

LLOYD: Bob Dylan, 1965, when he went electric, just to witness the experience of shattering his fans expectations. To see an audience unprepared for his new direction.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as an independent band trying to make it?

We’ve made some mistakes with where when we have invested time in places and people, but we have learnt from them and continue to do so, and don’t dwell on the past anymore. I think the continuing but enjoyable challenge is simply maintaining a presence, booking our own tours, and sharing our music and personalities with existing friends and fans, and doing what we can to attract more amazing people along the way.

What’s next/plans for the future?

Our 3rd EP that we are currently writing between shows, I would guess right now to expect that to come out sometime around April/May. We will be touring more and more through the year, and right now we’re extremely happy to have been asked to perform at south by southwest this march.

Hopefully we’ll keep picking up a listeners and supporters as we go on. For us to be able to make music for a living is constantly something we never take for granted. We’re very lucky.

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