D-Wayne “AMMO”

D-Wayne Ammo

It’s rumored that Dutch producers have some kind of unique intuition when it comes to house and electronic dance music. It seems since the mid-late 00’s, the Netherlands have been had an overbearing grip on the EDM world with countless established veteran and newcomer DJs with several chart-topping hits. One of the few very popular household names that EVERYONE knows by now is none other than Afrojack. Since initial and commercial success, Afrojack started his own label that has taken his last name, Wall Recordings. “If you build it, they will come,” and by this overused quote, Afrojack new that if he built his music beacon, young Dutch talent would inevitably come. And this week we explore D-Wayne.

D-Wayne is yet another Dutch producer, oozing with potential. Some of his earlier singles were released on Spinnin’ Records, Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, and of course, Wall Recordings. Afrojack has had his eye on D-Wayne from the beginning and it seems this was a great business and creative call. This week, D-Wayne released his new single “AMMO” with Wall. “AMMO” promises to do very well on any electronic music charts, and will most likely be played on every DJ’s live sets. To put it simply, it’s a massive release. D-Wayne samples some familiar hype vocals that Afrojack (among other) has used in their own hits. The overall feel is like blending an old Dutch styling with today’s commercial structure. Today’s EDM culture yearns for songs like this. I normally try to stay away from the commercial sound, but the assumingly obvious influences behind “AMMO” make me nostalgic.

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