Must-See: Ayah Marar, “Lethal Dose”

Ayah Marar Lethal Dose

The one and only Ayah Marar, AKA the Queen of Bass, has just released a stunning new video for her soon-to-be hit, “Lethal Dose!”  Promised to make any Friday night playlist better, Miss Marar’s hypnotic voice croons about a lover (or ex-lover?) that she just can’t seem to get out of her mind, no matter how many…well, quite frankly, no matter how many drugs she takes. With the video constantly flashing between shots of the soft, girly version of Ayah pining over her issues in a white bed with hoards of golden jewelry adorning her skin, and a tougher, leather-clad version, who has no problem dancing alone.  But, alas, no matter how much of a ball-buster Ayah appears to be, she is still unable to push her problems aside, instead choosing to tell us of her plans of how she hopes to forget about her love in the future.

The bottom line? “Lethal Dose” is a glorious blend of trance-rave gold and soulful serenading, and a perfect addition to any playlist.  Ayah manages the always difficult task of covering countless different emotions throughout the track, and every line is fit with a shot to match.  You can check out your new favorite song, “Lethal Dose,” below!

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