Alvaro & MOTi – “NaNaNa”

Alvaro & Moti Nanana Hysteria Cover

Festival house bangers have become a massive trend in today’s EDM world. Even DJs and producers who have made names for themselves for making dance/club-style tracks for years have been hopping on the bandwagon. If it sells: why not, right? Alvaro, the Dutch producer behind Pitbull’s hit “Bon Bon”, has been tearing up the scene since last summer with various solo projects, a dirty collaboration with Quintino, and a release off of Tiesto’s record label, Musical Freedom. Alvaro’s new release with fellow Dutchman, MOTi, is quite a surprise. Both of these artists have had history conjuring rhythmic, electro “Dutch” house music with signature bleeps, bloops and drum racks that make you move your feet.

On June 3rd, the duo released “NaNaNa” off of Bingo Players label, Hysteria. It’s obviously a festival style track with long build-ups that incorporate minimal percussion until… the drop. Now, I don’t want to bash these two house music heavyweights, but if I had to tell you this track sounded original in essence, I’d be lying. Countless songs within the past year or two have had the very same structure and feel. With typical vocal loops and a… sort of… decently unique sounding lead synth, sometimes it’s just best stick to basics. I’m being quite harsh, but just because it sounds like most festival-aimed songs doesn’t mean it doesn’t bump! Throw this on at any party or any appropriate gathering, and it’ll be sure to turn some heads.

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