Big Jump By Miguel Lands Him Right Into A Lawsuit?

Miguel Wallpaper

Miguel fan down for the count? Of course not!

After popping back up with Miguel at the Billboard Music Awards with ice on her arm and a smile you’d think fan Khayati Shah would have just laughed off her injury at the hands (mainly legs) of the singer right? Well of course not as she is possibly looking to sue Miguel for the incident that occurred.

At the end of his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel attempted to hop over a group of fans barely making it and landing on two females. Everything appeared to be fine afterwards when one fan popped up in an interview with him saying she was okay.

Seems like Khayati Shah is trying to milk the situation as much as she can and get as much money out of this incident as possible which isn’t entirely surprising.

Looks like another money hungry fan is trying to get every penny she can even though Miguel was at fault.


Check out the graphic incident in slow motion.

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