Sophia Grace Releases First Music Video, “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun”

Sophia Grace Girls Just Wanna Have Fun



My hero, Sophia Grace, has just graced us (get it?!) with her debut music video, “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun!”  The catchy tune is good clean fun for all ages, with shout-outs to celebrities galore, and plenty of – you guessed it:

Sophia Grace Rosie Russell Brand Pink Gif

Excuse me, why are we not best friends yet?

The song features some of the cutest lyrics in the history of ever, like:

“Nicki is my princess,Ellen is my queen!
Put them all together
That’s a Hollywood dream!”

And let’s not forget:

“Sippin’ on my milkshake,
Strawberries and cream!
Rosie got my back
And that’s my princess team!”

SO CUTE. To summarize: Sophia Grace is better than you at everything. All hail the queen of pink!

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