Def Leppard Announce Live Vegas Residency Album cod pay soma Def Leppard Announce Live Vegas Residency Album Soma no prescription next day delivery Forget Viva Las Vegas, try Viva Def Leppard!  Guitarist Phil Collen has confirmed that the band will indeed be recording their upcoming “VIVA Hysteria!” album during their residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas between their 11 shows from March 11th through April 13th.  He explains: Buy Soma No Prior Script Overnight “Absolutely, we are going to do Hysteria Live! We are going to do ‘Hysteria’ from start to finish. We are actually doing two sets; we are going to open up for ourselves. We are going to do 45 minutes, take a break and then do ‘Hysteria’. We are learning hundreds of songs and we are going to be doing songs that we’ve not played in years, or that we’ve never done. It is going to be really great. The first set will never be the same; we will change it every night. They will all be Def Leppard songs. We may play songs that we’ve covered of other people. It is going to be very fun for us. We are not sure what we are going to play. We are digging stuff up from the first album and the second album and we are just going to really do a lot of stuff that the fans will love.”

saturday delivery on soma I’m SO excited to hear Leppard’s live album!  Leppard is known for their charisma and energy while performing live, so I have no doubt that this album will capture that perfectly!  Are YOU excited for Def Leppard live, or do you think that the guys should have stayed in the studio?

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