New Black Sabbath Single, “God Is Dead” Released!

Black Sabbath New Single God Is Dead

So, imagine something for a second:

It’s 1982, and you hear that there’s a bitchin’ party at your older brother’s friends’ house.  The guy’s 37, lives in his mom’s cramped basement, and has taken in a stray pitbull who constantly pees on the carpet, but he’s a notorious party animal.  His furnishings consist of three tattered bean bag chairs and a flannel couch that he had found along the side of the road.  Descending into his basement is an assault on the senses, with the smell of stale bong water, burnt hair and pee.  After claiming some space on the cigarette pocked couch, the bong is passed and you take your first-ever hit of the thick, skunky-smelling smoke. Suddenly you find yourself mesmerized by the massive black light Black Sabbath poster on the wall.

“Who are they?” you ask, your words but a whisper.

“What? You’ve never heard of Black Sabbath?!” your brother’s friend replies.

You slowly shake your head as you stare at Ozzy, Geezer, and Iommi in awe.  You hear a shuffling from across the room, and the distinct sound of a needle hitting vinyl, before the darkest, most haunting melody reaches your ears. Your mind soars…

Is God real? Is he damned? Is he alive? Is he dead?  You’ve never really given any thought to these questions before, but now you find yourself more than a little curious about them. You find yourself lost in your own thoughts when the track fades, and then notice the 37-year-old burnout looking at you with a half smile, and…pride?  He takes another hit, blows milky smoke into your face, and says:

“THAT, my young friend, is Black Sabbath.”

What you’ve just read is the new Black Sabbath single, “God Is Dead,” in a nutshell.  Simply put, Sabbath is back and better than ever, and I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for us.  Check out the full hypnotizing ten minute single below. Enjoy, I know I certainly did.

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