Billy Idol Releasing Autobiography

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If you’ve ever wondered about the inside story of how the legendary Billy Idol became one of the best punk musicians of all time, you’re in luck!  Idol has just officially announced that he is currently working on his autobiography, due out this coming fall, and spilled all the details to Billboard, saying:

“I’m three-quarters of the way through it; we’re actually editing at the moment. It’s sort of my recollections, which is almost a massive joke cause I don’t remember anything!

Don’t remember anything, huh? Wait a second, Billy…

He would NEVER!

He would NEVER!

He continued:

“The bits I do remember…I’ve tried to give an overview of my career or my love of music or whatever, my personal way through life, maybe some thoughts about what I’ve done right or wrong in my life.  In general it’s a bit of a walk through my career, just said in my own words, really. All I tried to do was write about things as I saw them, and I didn’t try to think about was is sensational, was it this or was it that.  I tried to honestly write about how I felt about things as they happened.”

Ah, well THAT makes more sense.  And hey, even if things are a little fuzzy, it’s totally alright, because we all know…

Amiright or amiright?!

Amiright or amiright?!

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