Eric Avery Leaves Nine Inch Nails

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They were supposed to be “in this together,” but Eric Avery, bassist of Nine Inch Nails, is unfortunately leaving his bandmates behind.  He has announced his departure from the band, though not without a heavy heart.  Avery took to Facebook to let fans know his reasoning behind the tough decision straight from the source:

its with very mixed emotions i tell you all that im pulling out of NIN. i know. its been a tough call and i don’t know if its the right one. but i really want to focus on my musical life here in la, on film work in particular. as the tour dates kept growing… i just got overwhelmed. i just got home from a year of heavy travel with garbage, the idea of leaving town for another year and a half, and with all the intensity that nails demands… fortunately my friend Trent understands all this and appreciated my pulling the plug now instead of deep into 2013 and 14. go get em gentlemen.

The second sentence: “I know,” says it all.  Avery seems unsure of his decision, but if he’s feeling overwhelmed now, it’s better to take a break before it’s too late.  As he stated, he will be working on other projects, so this won’t be the last we see of the musician.  We’re sad to see him leave Nine Inch Nails, but it’s not like the group has never reformed before (and it’s not like Avery hasn’t seen success in multiple groups – Jane’s Addiction, anyone?).

So…any ideas on who will be his replacement?

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