Knapsack Returning to the Music Scene!

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Extremely influential 90’s emo band, Knapsack, is returning to music after fifteen years of silence.


Same, Doctor.

It’s not that all of the band members completely fell off the map after their breakup.  I mean, singer Blair Shehan went on to form The Jealous Sound, who have seen quite a bit of success.  But there’s nothing like an old favorite reuniting (and we all know how the 90’s invoke the most nostalgia within us).  Knapsack released three studio albums in their time as a band that fans still hold near and dear to to their hearts (and headphones).  Could there be a fourth on the way?

Knapsack created a website five days ago, and began actively posting old songs, photos, and quotes from others revolving around the band.  Suspicious?  Things have begun to clear up a little, because earlier today they posted a photo with the words “Knapsack 2013″ on it.  REUNION!  We don’t have any details yet, but the band did reblog a post about a rumor that they’d be performing at Fest 12, so that could very well be an implied announcement.


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