Shout Out Louds Premiere ‘Illusions’ Music Video

shout out louds, illusions
Indie Stockholm sweethearts, Shout Out Louds, have premiered their new music video for “Illusions” off Optica, which was released earlier this year.  I hope you’re feeling outgoing, because we’re about to go speed dating!

The “Illusions” video focuses around a single woman’s apathetic journey into the unpredictable world of speed dating.  She seems to be the only dispirited one in a diverse group of smiling and flirtatious men and women who noticeably haven’t skimmed through a fashion magazine in a few decades.  The gong sounds, and they’re off!

The unamused bachelorette sits through a handful of timed “dates” with men who make it immediately clear why they’re single – there are recorder playing, brass knuckle wearing, and indecent exposing candidates, many with obscure facial hair or no hair at all.  When all hope seems lost, a man at the bar finally draws a smile out of the woman, and a dance party inevitably occurs.  It’s a fun video and it’s a great fit for the song.

Check it out below and make sure to catch Shout Out Louds on the road!

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