Motley Crue Retires Tommy Lee’s Roller Coaster Drum Kit

Motley Crue Wallpaper

It’s a sad day for thrill-seeking drum-lovers everywhere, as Motley Crue has officially retired Tommy Lee‘s roller coaster drum kit!

I know, LC...I know.

I know, LC…I know.

The kit, which has been a huge part of the always-insane Motley Crue stage shows, was used for the last time during their current tour at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on May 25th, with Tommy Lee tweeting after:

“A bottle of Champagne smashed on the coaster last night as it sets sail for the scrap yard! Ha! Man we’ve given so many people the thrill of a lifetime together!”

For those worried about the shock value of shows going down, don’t fret, as Lee added:

“Dont you all worry! Just wait til ya see what crazy I got for ya next!”

Can’t wait to find out what Mr. Lee has up his sleeve, don’t let us down, Tommy!

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