Watch Metallica’s Full “Kill ‘Em All” Set At The Orion Music Festival

Metallica Dehaan Wallpaper

GUESS WHAT?! The video of Metallica’s surprise “Kill ‘Em All” set at the Orion Festival has just been released!

I know. I. KNOW.

I know. I. KNOW.

The set was done on the first day of the legendary Detroit festival, and came as a massive surprise for all concertgoers when they were told that a mysterious band named “Dehaan” was going to play at 4:30 on a small side stage.  Dehaan’s banner had the band’s name crossed out in red spray paint, with the classic Metallica phrase, “Metal Up Your Ass” written over it.  At 4:30 on the dot, Metallica stormed the stage and launched into a surprise set of their first album, “Kill ‘Em All,” successfully making every person in attendance’s day.  For those of us not lucky enough to see the now-notorious performance, the band has put up the full set for everyone to experience the full power of the thrash metal Gods, and let me tell you – you WILL head bang.


PS – Rob Trujillo isn’t wearing shorts, so it’s admittedly a little weird…but other than that, pretty damn amazing.

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