Katy Perry Crashes A Wedding With…Robert Pattinson?!

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry Wedding Crashers

D-do you all hear that? That’s the sound of Kristen Stewart actually showing emotion:

Sorry, false alarm.

Sorry, false alarm.

Everyone’s favorite girl-kissing pop princess, Katy Perry, was recently spotted out with none other than the former trampire-lover himself, Robert Pattinson! Now, you may be expecting the sexy twosome to be out clubbing or even at a nice dinner, but no – they were doing something a little creepy you’d never expect: crashing a strangers wedding reception!  Perry, who has had a longtime friendship with Pattinson and his homewrecker ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, apparently sat quietly observing the party, with one guest reporting:

“Katy and Rob were just sitting next to each other watching the wedding rehearsal in the main courtyard area. They were dressed very casually. She was wearing a hoodie and big sunglasses. There was no PDA between them and no body language that showed they were dating. They just sat together and watched.”

No PDA? LAME! Guess we’ll have to wait a while until we can start using our nicknames for RobKat…oh, who am I kidding, I’m TOTALLY using that one now!

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