John Mellencamp And Stephen King Team Up For Gothic Musical – Listen Here!

Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County

If you’ve listened to some of John Mellencamp’s recent music, you know that it’s taken a bit of a turn toward the dark side. His 2008 album – Life Death Love & Freedom was a dark and bare exploration of anguish, pain, resentment, and frustration. And to accentuate those themes, it was produced by T-Bone Burnett who has a thing for dark, folky, sinister vibes.

In addition, if you’ve ever had the chance to check out some of John Mellencamp’s paintings, you’ll find yourself standing in front of them saying, “Damn, there’s some really dark shit going on here…”. So it’s only fitting for him to delve into the horror arena and team up with Stephen King on a new project – The Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County.

According to the NY Times:
“No one told John Mellencamp that he’d bought a crime scene. But after signing the papers for a cabin in his home state, Indiana, in the early 1990s he learned that it had been the backdrop for a deadly love triangle a half-century earlier. Two siblings arguing over a girl got into a fight at their family’s lakeside cabin.

“The younger brother hit the older brother with a fire poker and killed him,” Mr. Mellencamp said recently, his voice dropping to a whisper as he explained why he had hardly spent a night at the cabin. When the panicked killer and the girl tried to run, they accidentally drove their car into the lake and drowned.

Haunted by the tale, Mr. Mellencamp decided he wanted to turn it into a musical ghost story.”

From Mr. Mellencamp’s original cabin-in-the-woods idea “Ghost Brothers” has morphed into a blues-, rock- and folk-inflected musical for 19 performers and a 4-piece band, including Dave Roe, whom Mr. Mellencamp proudly identifies as “Johnny Cash’s old bass player.” The show’s music director is T Bone Burnett.

Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County

The soundtrack to the musical is now available as a CD plus DVD deluxe edition – Ghost Brothers of Darkland County [CD + DVD Deluxe Edition]. It includes a 35 track CD with songs from the musical performed by artists such as Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Neko Case, Roseanne Cash, and many others. Full Track listing here – Ghost Brothers of Darkland County [CD + DVD Deluxe Edition]

You can listen to most of the album here:

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