Macklemore & Anchorman Mashup Is “F*cking Awesome”

Anchorman Macklemore Mashup Jumping Gif


Anchorman Macklemore Mashup

There is a mashup of Anchorman (AKA one of the best movies EVER,) and Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” and it’s the greatest thing you’ll see all day.  Now, I know what you’re thinking:

Anchorman Macklemore Mashup Gif

But it’s true.  Created by the talented Jake Healy, the mashup features everyone’s favorite one-liners and scenes from the movie, perfectly paired with hottie Macklemore’s smooth voice and melodious beats.  Healy combines incredible talent, timing, and editing to bring you the best thing since cold-ass honkeys, and is promised to bring a smile to any comedy or music lover’s face. After appearing on YouTube, fans have been raving about this mix of pop and comedy, with comments like “Mr. Healy, you are kind of a big deal,” and “Congratulations, you just won the internet!” peppering his page.  I completely agree, but I would like to add…

Anchorman Macklemore Mashup Pants Party Gif

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