See Gov. Chris Christie Slow Jam With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Chris Christie Slow Jam The News Gif

Is there anyone that Jimmy Fallon DOESN’T jam with?! Let’s see here: in recent years, Fallon has made glorious music with:

Florence Welch:

Jimmy Fallon Florence Welch Gif

Crooning out the original instant-hit, “Balls In Your Mouth”

Stephen Colbert & Taylor Hicks:

Jimmy Fallon Stephen Colbert Taylor Hicks Friday Gif

Singing the Rebecca Black classic, “Friday”

John Densmore of The Doors:

Performing the "Reading Rainbow" theme and showing off his killer Jim Morrison impression.

Performing the “Reading Rainbow” theme and showing off his killer Jim Morrison impression.

…to name just a few!  That being said, it only made sense for Fallon to have a jam sesh with the cuddliest governor of them all, New Jersey’s own Chris Christie! Christie stopped by Late Night to slow jam the news, which touched on the recent criticism he’s been receiving about his decision to call an October senate election rather than waiting for November, along with the possibility of a presidential run.

After a brief intro by the governor, Fallon stepped in to croon:

“AwwwwwYEAH. Chris Christie’s about to give New Jersey a…HUGE election.  And he’s putting it in the hands of the people.”



Fallon continued:

“So watch out…cause it’s coming prematurely. October 16th, to be exact.”

Heh heh.

Heh heh.

Some other highlights from the performance?

“You need to work hard to be a leader…but not as hard as Anthony Wiener.”

“Listen to my man Chris Christie…the Love Gov.”

“Oh, come on now…Christie Cream Donut….”

Must. Not. Laugh.

Must. Not. Laugh.

You can check out the full five minutes of brilliance below!

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