John Legend – Love In The Future

John Legend

John Legend has been around for almost 10 years now and he has sure cemented himself into the music industry. With his soulful vocals and his great songwriting he looks to put it all together for his fourth studio album “Love In The Future” set to be released on September 3rd. Legend has won many Grammy’s and has had multiple Platinum selling albums and he looks to continue that success. His last album was so far his least successful album and now he looks to rebound from that with his new album “Love In The Future”.

His first single “Who Do We Think We Are” featuring Rick Ross is a slow jam packed R&B song. Legend’s vocals excel very well here but all together the song is somewhat lackluster. It is a solid effort but not one that should have been a first single. His second single “Made To Love” is a guitar and drum driven track that works well here. It’s is a pretty good song that although sounds different from Legend’s normal work, it works very well for him.

His third single “All Of Me” is a great song stripped down to only a piano and Legend’s great voice. Lyrically and vocally this is top notch and it’s no surprise coming from John Legend himself. This is so far the top track off the album and he sounds great here.

Overall “Love In The Future” looks to be a good album coming from the reliant John Legend. You can always count on Legend to release a straight up R&B record and that’s exactly what he is doing here. It should be a good to great release something that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

His music video for “Made To Love”

His new single “All Of Me”

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