Watch: The Early November – ‘Tell Me Why’ Music Video

the early november, tell me why
The Early November had a hell of a comeback.  After an upsetting breakup in 2007 (I still have my “I saw The Early November before they broke up” shirt…heh), the band signed to Rise Records and released a new album, In Currents, in 2012, which grasped old and new fans alike with its heartfelt maturity along with a classic TEN feel.  It’s been almost a year since the release of In Currents, but the band just released a brand new music video for “Tell Me Why,” which we can only assume they’ll be performing on Vans Warped Tour this summer.

The video mainly features a young boy sprinting through the woods, with expected cuts to the band playing through the song.  We soon realize that the boy is simply playing pretend by himself…or is it pretend?  He must have a powerful imagination, because soon his stick “gun” is causing explosions and a pine cone grenade is sending him flying into the dirt.  He continues to run until he is caught up in crawling vines and ivy.  Can he escape?  Guess you’ll have to watch and find out.  Slow motion and black and white effects make their way into the video a few times for some ulta-oomph, if Ace Enders’ crazy-high notes weren’t already doing it for you.

The Early November also took over the Warped Tour Twitter today to answer fan questions, at one point replying to a music-hungry fan that “we may already be done writing…” in reference to a new album.  Uh, HELL YES.

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