A Great Big Pile of Leaves Debut ‘Pet Mouse’ ft. Justin Pierre

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PureVolume premiered A Great Big Pile of Leaves’ new take on their song “Pet Mouse” today…featuring Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack!

Pierre’s higher-pitched, yet soft vocals contrast wonderfully with Peter Weiland’s deeper, yet equally distinguishable voice, adding a very special element to the song.  The track is well done, straightforward indie rock in a nutshell, with a few hand claps thrown in the middle.  According to drummer Tyler Soucy, the collaboration was very last minute, but you’d never know by listening to the song:

We emailed him the part the day before and he was there for like 20-minutes. It was cool and we feel really fortunate that it was such a fun and enjoyable experience.

Enjoyable for all of us!  A Great Big Pile of Leaves will release their sophomore album, You’re Always On My Mind, on July 2.  They also debuted the album art:

a great big pile of leaves, you're always on my mind
Listen to the new take on “Pet Mouse” below!

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