Ashley Wallbridge Releases “Crush” Off Avicii’s Label

Ashley Wallbridge

“Oh, sometimes… I get a good feeling… yeah…” Most of you would recognize this line from one of EDM’s biggest hit in recent times; Levels. Since the success of several single, including the fore-mentioned, Avicii has been one of the most relevant DJ/producers out there. When you see a release from the Swede’s label imprint, Le7els, you know it’s going to gain some good amount of hype.

Ashley Wallbridge, big time British producer, has released his new song “Crush” on Avicii’s Le7els. Ashley is known for his master craft of progressive harmony and sweet melodies, with some trance elements sprinkled in here and there. “Crush” gives us exactly what we were hoping for, with more. The first drop in the song is a little surprising; giving off an acid house feel that club dance floors would go wild for. The rest of the song is what Ashley Wallbridge fans want. Hard-hitting, strong chord progressions that make you wish you were at a festival that very second. Great production. Great tune.

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