mewithoutYou Takes Fans on Video Bus Tour

mewithoutYou, bus tour, indie
Post-hardcore/indie outfit, mewithoutYou, teamed up with DTB (Digital Tour Bus) for the newest episode of “BUS INVADERS.”  Fans always love a sneak peak into the off-stage lives of their favorite musicians, and mwY has given theirs just that…but with an eighteen minute long in-depth video tour of their bus.  Nice.

The band speaks for a while about how their bus of six years came to be, and then proceeds to give us a visual tour.  We see their jackelope driver, as well as their human one (who seems like the nicest guy EVER), food stashes, secret wine stashes, and even some entertainment, which currently includes Magic: The Gathering cards.  The members also show us their bunks, which were made so that their spouses could stay with them (a-dor-a-ble).  We also see the outside of the vehicle, where they mention their attempts to keep it aesthetically pleasing, and hear about the troubles and technicalities of actually trying to drive it.

Any fan of the band would enjoy this inside look, which means you, because who doesn’t love mewithoutYou?  Especially after the release of 2012’s encapsulating Ten Stories. Check out the video below!

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