We Are The In Crowd Covers Brand New’s ‘Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades’

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Could the Internet BE any more butthurt?

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Let’s get this straight.  Brand New is one of my most played artists of all time, and I am not a very big fan of We Are The In Crowd’s music.  In fact, I am regretfully right up there above the pretentious line when it comes to bands covering Brand New songs (read: they shouldn’t).  HOWEVER, the comments I have been reading from Brand New fans on WATIC’s cover of fan favorite, “Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades,” are mostly ridiculous.

Hopeless Records uploaded a nicely shot video of We Are The In Crowd covering the Deja Entendu classic, but the immediate reaction from the internet was startlingly negative.  Words including “appalling,” “disgrace,” “awful” were just a few used to describe the cover.  In reality, the cover is stylistically almost exactly the same as the original, just lacking the aggression that Jesse Lacey’s voice brought to the table.  Sure, it’s too polished, but it’s nothing to cry about.  Is it an interesting cover?  No.  Will I bother listening to it again?  Doubt it.  But are my ears in pain?  Of course not.  It’s simply a lackluster cover of an incredible song that doesn’t deserve much positive attention, but certainly doesn’t deserve such hate.  Except for the scream at the end.  That made me cringe.

It could be that BN fans are becoming a little too antsy/angsty for new music and shows, but I’d suggest just listening to the original and getting over it.  Wait, why am I even bothering trying to argue with the Internet?

we are the in crowd
Thankfully, not every commenter is aboard the hate train, but it is times like these that I am reminded why the YouTube comment section is a hellhole.  Check out the video and judge for yourself:

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