Pink & Lily Allen Explain “True Love” In Feisty New Single

Pink Lily Allen True Love

Pink and Lily Allen are some of the most outspoken empowered females in the industry nowadays, so it only makes sense that the two heavy-hitters collaborated for a track explaining the trials and tribulations one faces when dealing with true love.  The duo bring the girl power in their newest soon-to-be-smash single, ranting about issues that we all face some time in our lives: the issue of loving your partner with everything in you, but sometimes wanting to strangle them.  Unlike myself (who would come off as psychotic singing something like this,) the power pop pals come off as kick-ass second-generation Spice Girls with their spunky attitude and no-nonsense lyrical stylings.  Make sure to crank up your speakers and sing along with Pink and Lily’s new lyric video during your quest to find “True Love,” below!

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