Review: Arrows In Her / Gifts Split EP

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I have had the opportunity to see both Arrows In Her and Gifts numerous times, and for whatever reason, whether it be arriving two minutes too late or having pre-existing, inescapable plans, it has never worked out.  While I was thrilled to see that the two New Jersey bands were releasing a split together, I knew that it would only fuel my need to see them more, and holy s#$%, was I right.  The split features two songs from each band- a perfect introductory length for those who’ve never listened before.  It would be a crime for any 2013 emo/indie fan to skip over this.

For their two tracks, Arrows In Her manage to show maturity to the already developed sound heard in their previous release, leaving.   Their first track, “It tired me all the same,” features fast-paced, melodic guitar work under contrasting, held out vocals delivered with a slight rasp that catches your attention and pulls you in.  “And I watched a show about space” throws a little distortion into the mix.  The musicians display their technicality throughout ever-switching rhythms and instrumental interludes that will have you pressing the repeat button.

Gifts keep the strong momentum going for their following two tracks on the split.  I noticed an immediate surge of aggression in their music as “Strange” began to play that was absent from their (fantastic) self-titled winter 2012 release, and I welcomed it with open arms.  The band creates a wave of sound (NOT noise) with distinguishable instrumentation, and I always appreciate the opportunity to hear great bass tone as I could here.  I dare anyone to not sing along to the repeated “I miss it so” toward the end of the song.  “Afraid” is a catchy song that embraces a tinge of pop punk influence.  There is an instrumental portion of the track lasting about a minute with pre-recorded voices speaking as the band plays, the drummer begging listeners to just see him live through his impressive parts.

Overall, I (clearly) enjoyed the split and think both Arrows In Her and Gifts equally delivered.  The two bands will definitely be going places within the next year, so make sure you catch on now and go along for the ride.

For fans of: Look Mexico, Algernon Cadwallader, Joie De Vivre, good music

Stream the EP below!  You can pre-order it now through Meadbowbrook Records here.

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