Selena Gomez Posts Teaser Video and Lyric Sheet for “Come & Get It”

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Selena Gomez posted an eleven second teaser for her upcoming single, “Come & Get It” on Monday, but is now indulging our cravings a little more with a thirty second video, along with a full lyric sheet.

With her recent breakup with Justin Bieber and even more recent premiere of her movie “Spring Breakers,” Selena Gomez’s name has been everywhere.  The way that “Come & Get It” looks and sounds so far, she’s sure to get people talking even more.  The new teaser shows Gomez with heavy, dark makeup (still a bit much for her youthful face) and voluminous hair, waving around her flowy dress in what looks like a tropical environment.  The video seems fitting so far for the intriguing, worldly vibe of the music itself.  Gomez’s voice sounds mature and rich, and she seems to have found her style after leaving “The Scene” behind.  The teaser ends in what sounds like a segue to an EDM-style bass drop, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Gomez also posted a typed up lyric sheet for the song with handwritten notes.  While the lyrical style in the teaser is emotional and properly enunciated, it seems that the rest of the song contains plenty of slang and incomplete gerunds.  With a title like “Come & Get It,” I guess we can’t be too surprised that it’s not all sweet and slow.

Check out the lyrics and teaser #2 below and remember, the full song comes out April 8th!

Selena Gomez Come & Get I tLyrics

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