Justin Timberlake Releases Confusing New “Mirrors” Video

Justin Timberlake Mirrors Music Video

Okay, so wait…let me get this straight…

Justin Timberlake Mirrors Music Video Confused Gif

…Yeah, I still have no idea what I just watched.

The King of suave Justin Timberlake has just released a brand-spankin’-new video for his song “Mirrors,” off his comeback album “The 20/20 Experience,” and it’s…confusing to say the least.  The eight-minute-long ponder-fest follows an elderly couple and struggling younger couple, who, SPOILER ALERT: might be the same couple? Timberlake surprisingly isn’t even featured in the video until nearly the six minute mark, where the couples take a break to let JT dance around – you guessed it! – a bunch of mirrors.  The dance break, while much-needed, is a bit too reminiscent of that terrifying scene from “The Haunting” for my taste, but hey, at the same time, it was awesome to finally see JT in his own video!

The video, directed by Floria Sigismondi (“The Runaways,”) shows a deeper side of Timberlake that the soulful crooner has not shown since 2002’s “Cry Me A River,” which alluded to his messy breakup with then-girlfriend Britney Spears.  “Mirrors” is dedicated to Timberlake’s grandparents, William and Sadie Bomar, who were married for a whopping 63 years.  You can check out the emotional video below, and let me know: do YOU “get it?”

EDIT: Timberlake has since confirmed that the video is meant to follow his grandparents love story. THANKS FOR CLEARING THAT UP JUSTIN.

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