Hardcore Supergroup, Get Involved, Launches Kickstarter

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This. Is Going. To be. AWESOME…assuming they can raise enough money to fund their album.  With a lineup like the one of new hardcore supergroup, Get Involved, an $18,000 goal shouldn’t be too hard to reach.  The band consists of members of Glassjaw, Thursday, Judge, From Autumn To Ashes, and Death In The Park, and will be a hardcore act with punk, new wave, and metal influences.  If this is anything less than incredible, we will be severely shocked.

Get Involved, like many other financially struggling acts of 2013, launched a Kickstarter in hopes to record and self-release  their first “four or five” song EP, which will be produced by Ross Robinson.  The prospective fans can “get involved” by donating smaller amounts for prizes such as digital downloads, or larger amounts for bigger prizes including instrument lessons, an acoustic house show, and even recording backing vocals on the record.

The band recorded a video explaining why the band was created, what it’s all about, and why they chose to go the Kickstarter route.  Watch it below:

Are you going to donate?  Do you think the prices are too steep?  Or do you wish the Kickstarter trend would just die?  Let us know, and let’s hope that we get to hear some new music come July!

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